The Startwell Mini

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RotationModel SNC Clockwise
Model SNA Anti-clockwise
MountingFlange mounted SAE1; SAE 2
Engine Capacity0.5 litre/cyl, four cylinders maximum
Pinion type11 to 13 teeth 10/12 F/Stub
11 to 13 teeth 8/10 F/Stub
9 to 13 teeth Mod 3
10 to 13 teeth Mod 2.5
Pinion to Flange Face20mm or 28mm
Maximum Torque at Pinion91Nm (71
Maximum Winding Handle Torque64Nm (
Winding Handle PositionVariable in 8.5° increments
Number of Turns to Fully Wind2 turns to engage, further 7.5 turns to fully charge
Cold StartStarting aid below 5°
FinishStandard finish. Zinc-plated body and housing. Body painted with a further coat of primer and topcoat. Body can also be powder coated.