Simplicity Is Key

Here at Startwell, SIMPLICITY IS KEY and we are proud to continually attract customers who find the Startwell Starters so easy to use and maintain.

Our Starters are self contained units designed to replace electric, pneumatic or hydraulic starting systems on direct injection engines.

The starter mounts onto the engine in the same way as its electrical counterpart, but unlike the electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic starters, the Startwell Starter needs no extra auxiliary equipment to operate it, nor does it require any external energy source such as a battery, pressurised air, gas or hydraulic fluid. All that is required is the starter itself and for someone to wind it up, which compresses the high energy springs within the unit. This energy is then rapidly discharged to start an engine.

The installation and operation is simple and does not require any skilled personnel. It is virtually maintenance free and so ideal for engines in remote areas, isolated areas, tropical areas and even sub tropical areas.